Design Process

If you already have blueprints, great! If you have not yet begun the design process on your new home, we connect you with our professional designers to have blueprints drawn to match your style. The sky is the limit!

Mortgage Lending

During the design phase, we can help facilitate the lending process. If you already have a Mortgage Broker, great! If not, we can connect you with our experienced Mortgage Broker who will walk you through every step of the process.

Bid Process

Once the blueprints are complete, we can then get an overall cost of construction. At this stage, we will introduce you to our Interior Designer, who will help facilitate selections for the home such as appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, etc. By connecting you with our interior designer and vendors during this stage, we can ensure a more accurate bid proposal from the very start. From here, we can make adjustments and changes as needed, to work within your budget.

Construction Documents

Once the bid process is finalized, we can move on to Construction Documents. This will include the contract, specifications, and all other supporting documents required by the lender if a mortgage is being attained for the project.

Construction Begins

Now the fun begins! At this point, we can begin construction on the home of your dreams. It is very important to us that our clients are well informed throughout the building process, and as involved as they'd like to be. Working hand in hand with the client, architect, interior designer and our vendors is crucial for the successful completion of a well built home.


As the construction is completed, we prepare the house for move-in, an exciting day for all! We thoroughly enjoy working with our clients and building friendships along the way, which is why we love to stay in contact long after the completion of your home.